Fun Workouts to Do With a Hula Hoop

Hula hoops have had many uses over the years of its existence including religious props, storytelling, and recreation. However, hula hoop dance can also be used for exercise and fitness, and it is growing more and more in popularity.  Not only has hula hooping been proven to show healthy results, but it is also a fun and unique exercise that puts a twist on some general workouts.


Hula Hoop Stretches


It is always important to stretch before any kind of physical activity, but stretching can also take the place of a lighter workout. There is a large variety of different kinds of stretches, but the basics will open up your body and improve flexibility, posture, and coordination.  The most common stretch involves holding the hoop behind your back with both hands level to your ears.  From here, you can proceed to lean forward and backward or side-to-side—always keeping a straight back—in order to stretch your back, arms, legs, and core while also burning fat in areas such as your lower back and sides.


Waist Hula Hooping


Hula hooping around the waist is the most widely known move for a hula hoop, and while it seems basic, it is actually a great exercise that could burn up to 600 calories in only an hour. This is a wonderful option for beginners, as it requires little skill with the hoop.  Putting little twists on the basic movement can work out different parts of the body.  With the forward stance, you simply place one foot a little in front of the other with arms stretched out to the sides, and the side stance requires your feet to either be in line with your hips or spread out further depending on what feels better for you.


Passes and Lunges


Passes during hula hoop exercise are great for mixing up the typical movement of waist hooping. The first type of pass is called the ninja pass, and it requires the same footing as the waist side stance and the rotating of the hips as you pass the hoop in front of your torso from hand to hand.  This is different from the basic pass during which you hand off the hoop in a circular motion around your body targeting the upper body.  Once you have all of these moves down and feel more comfortable handling the hoop, you can start to add lunges for an added leg and core workout.


One Step Further


If you are finding that these workouts are too simple and are looking for a move that requires more skill, the bump is what you are looking for. In order to do this exercise, you must keep your feet together while you lean forward with a flat back.  From here, you will need to spin the hoop physically with your hands, but the real work involves keeping it in motion by bending and straightening your knees.  Luckily, you only need to keep it spinning for up to 30 seconds at a time.


All of these workouts are extremely effective and target all of the major areas of your body that need the most toning.  Not only will you notice a leaner and fitter body, but also hula hooping is a fun and relaxing activity that will leave you feeling carefree and happy.  Do not bore yourself with your average workouts when you could be hooping with a smile on your face.

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