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Who I am and Why I’m here…

Photo Jul 28, 3 41 36 PMI love music. I love movement. I love flow. I embrace hoop dance as a form of expression. I realized in college that every person has their own learning style. I discovered through my study of American Sign Language that my style is kinesthetic and spatial. This is why dance is so important to me. It is an expression of energy. It is a movement-based art.

My name is LindsiKay, and I am a hoop dance instructor and performer.  I started this blog as a resource for everything hooping. Links to tutorials, videos, photos, articles, and whatever else may grace our presence.

For more information about me, please visit my:

Website:  www.LindsiKay.com

Facebook:  LindsiKay Hoop Dance

Instagram:   lindsikaycircus

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