Why Is the Hula Hoop Becoming a Fitness Craze?

At one time, hula hoops were simply children’s toys that could be rolled around on the ground or spun around the hips. Now, more and more people are picking up a hoop as an exercise, and many are questioning why that is.  The hula hoop fitness craze is just starting, and there are so many benefits associated with it that the world is beginning to discover.


Multiple Physical Benefits


While hula hooping seems like a very basic exercise that could only possibly target the hips, it has actually been proven to tone the core, buttocks, legs, and arms. This form of cardio can burn up to 600 calories in just one hour, and does not involve the structure of counting reps.  The physical benefits do not stop there though.  Hooping can also improve posture, flexibility, and joint and bone health.


Unique and Fun


The great upside to this workout is that it is versatile and easily suited for your needs and wants. It is all about fluidity and just giving in to how your body naturally moves so you do not have to focus so hard on counting or perfect form.  You can always put your own spin on it, which keeps it interesting, and never boring.  Recently, hoops with LED lights and even fire have been gaining popularity making hula hooping one of the most entertaining exercise experiences you will ever have—you will be excited to work out for once.


Hooping for Spiritual Healing


The physical benefits are great; however, one of the reasons hula hooping has become such a fitness craze is the mental and spiritual benefits associated with it—working out your brain is important too. Hooping during its history was used in religious ceremonies and Native American storytelling, and it has never lost its spiritual association.  The rocking and swaying movement that is involved with this exercise has been reported to heal depression, and it has showed signs of healing in cancer patients.  Medically and scientifically, it is not a cure, but the improvement it causes in mood and mindset truly creates amazing results.


Stress Relief and Mediation

Mental strain is caused by more than just depression, and hula hooping is being used more and more for mediation and stress relief.  The physical motion allows stress to leave the body, and the intensity of the workout can always be adjusted to suit your stress release needs.  No matter what is plaguing your mind, hula hooping reports show that it improves your all around mood and confidence while also keeping your body and brain active to improve strength in both areas.


The hula hoop fitness fad is exploding for all of these reasons, but also because it is easy to learn. If hula hooping interests you but the moves seem daunting, do not let it overwhelm you.  Learning this fitness technique is simple with the help of a hoop dance video or class and a little bit of practice.  Roll with the hula hoop craze because it is certainly worth it.

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