Top Gifts to Give a Hula Hooper

When it comes time for gift giving, it is always best to give according to the passions and interests of the recipient. However, for an activity that you may not know much about, it can be a hard thing to know what you should get for them. If you have a loved one who knows how to hula hoop, and loves doing it, then here are a few ideas of gifts that you can give them.

Gift Cards for Music Websites or Services

As with all dancing, hula hooping follows the beat and feeling of the music. A great gift option for that hula hooper in your life is to get them gift cards to music websites or services, such as ITunes or even a subscription to Spotify Premium.  That way, they can choose the music that would go perfectly to their hoop dance routine.

A New Camera from GoPro

With video sharing sites like YouTube, many people have started channels about their passions, which serves a variety of purposes. Firstly, it helps them promote themselves and use those videos as a reference for their goals.  Secondly, if it becomes popular enough, they may be paid to have ads play on their videos. Getting the hula hooper in your life a GoPro camera can allow them to make exciting, high quality hoop dance videos and instructional films that can bolster their online portfolio.

Gift Certificates for That New Hoop They Want

For someone who loves this activity, a hula hoop is the most critical piece of equipment. However, each person should also have a hoop that matches his or her height and weight, to give optimal performance. Rather than simply buying a hoop, you should give a gift certificate so that the hooper can pick out their own hoop, with personalized size, weight, and color.

These are just a few of the many great gifts that you can give a person who loves hula hooping.

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