Do you have ideas for a blog post? Perhaps a hula hooping tutorial or an inspiring project or performance? Or maybe you are looking to contribute to a hula hooping blog and you want to inquire about guest writer slots…

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Please email, with “HoopingSkill Submission” in the subject line.

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Ideas for Hula Hooping Submissions:

A tutorial you made. Use our platform to get your hula hoop tutorials in front of more people! Whether it’s a hula hooping trick that you’ve created, or simply a step-by-step breakdown of an existing trick, your video may help others break down a barrier that was holding them back. Help others and build your own name as a hula hoop instructor!

A performance you recorded. Did you put on a damn good show recently and want to share it with the hooping community? Send it to us and it just may end up featured in a blog post, or better yet, on the Hula Hoop Dance Inspiration page!

A photo that stands out. Share your art! (Or recommend someone else’s!) Send us a stand-out hoop photo so that we can share it with our audience. This will help get your name out there as well as give you an outlet to share amazing photos with other dancers. Be sure to include the photographer credit information with your submission!

An article you wrote. Are you interested in submitting a guest post to  Whether it’s a hula hoop story, or an in-depth article about a hula hooping topic that interests you, send us your idea, and we can discuss the opportunity of a guest post on our site! Who knows…if it’s a hit, perhaps we will discuss a permanent guest writer slot on!

An artistic project about hula hooping. Did you stumble upon an incredible hoop-related art project recently. Perhaps one you think more people should know about…or one that is in some need of community support? Forward it along to us and we can help build the awareness together!

An inspiring creation you want shared. This could be anything relating to hula hooping. We’re aware that there are more methods of sharing hoop dance art besides photos and videos…so if your submission doesn’t fit those categories…who cares?! Send it anyway!

We want to hear about what inspires you!

Please email, with “HoopingSkill Submission” in the subject line.

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