How to Host a Hula Hooping Dance Party

Parties are usually always fun; however, they can start to get repetitive. A hula hooping dance party, on the other hand, puts a fun twist on an otherwise general event.  This theme is not only fun but also unique, so there are a few things one should know before sending out the invitations.  With some helpful tips, you could throw an amazing hula hoop party that no one will forget.


Preparation and Setup


One thing this type of party needs is space and a lot of it. In order for a group of people to participate in hula hoop dance, each person needs a wide area in order to avoid collision and possible injury—the last thing one of your guests needs is a bloody nose from being hit by a neighboring hoop.  In addition, you will need to either inform guests to bring their own hoop or provide them, which is an easy task since hula hoops can be found at any toy store or easily be homemade.


Decorations and Music


Something as eccentric and fun as a hula hooping dance party should have decorations and music that embody those qualities. Awesome decorating ideas include anything with bright colors; however, your guests may get a kick out of some hoop shaped designs.  One idea that keeps with the theme is only serving delicious, circular shaped foods such as pizza, donuts, or gummy O’s.  As for the music, you will need something with a great beat and rhythm that will keep the energy flowing and the hoops spin.


Lessons or Professional Dancers


A great addition to any hula hooping party is the presence of professional dancers or teachers. It can be assumed that many of the invitees may have not picked up a hula hoop in quite some time, if ever.  Professionals know how to teach in the most effective and entertaining way, and their heightened skills double as entertainment.  Many hula hoop dancers are able to incorporate exciting things such as fire or even just hula hoop tricks that will astound everyone.


Play Some Games


Dancing is not for everyone, and if this is the case at your party, planning some games to play can mix it up and make the party enjoyable for everyone. There are games that suited for every level of hula hooping so everyone can participate.  The most basic game is a contest to see who can spin their hoop the longest—you can mix this one up with fun prizes.  Other game ideas include “Hooper Says,” similar to Simon Says, and the “Chain Game” during which everyone holds hands in a circle and has to pass the hoop from person to person without breaking the chain.


At a hula hooping dance party, you will never have to worry about your guests being bored. Hooping keeps everyone active and smiling while keeping up that air of lightheartedness and fun.  For more tips about how to throw one of the greatest hooping parties of all time, hop into the world of hula hooping—it could be the most fun you have ever had.

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