Hula Hoop Art: Creating a Hooping Language

Hula Hoop Art: A Hooping Language

How many hoopers out there have tried to describe, however painfully, a particular hoop trick or sequence to another person with words?  It’s not so easy, is it?  “You know, that move where the hoop is spinning around this way and is flipping around my wrist while I turn that way and then put my hoop around my leg and…you know.”  Yeah, talking hoop can be confusing.  There is no standardized language or dictionary when it comes to hoop tricks, and you can find the same trick coined as several different names by different artists.  It can be difficult to search for new tricks you “saw someone do once”, and it can be frustrating when words get in the way of a kinesthetic practice.

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How about all you performers?  Ever tried writing out your choreography with just words or just drawings?  It’s not so easy if you like your notes detailed.  My choreography notes are usually an overlapping combination of both.  I find that neither alone can paint the whole picture.  I struggle often with notation inconsistencies across my projects.  But hey…as long as I can read it, right? 😉

It is because of these struggles that I find this project by Brecken Hoops so interesting. She has introduced a work-in-progress hoop notation project to our community.  Her style of notation is very much a written language of a physical movement…all without words. She has released a wonderful short video about this project, which I have included here!

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a language to communicate dance patterns, this project also plays some very artistic chords.  This newly established hoop notation is nothing short of a hula hoop art masterpiece. Whether or not it spreads to the rest of the hooping community, it’s existence provides an elegant written element in the movement-based world of hula hooping.


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