Nude Hoops vs. Taped Hoops :: The Pros and Cons

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You are about to make your next hoop purchase. Do you choose a nude hoop or a taped hoop? This article will break down the pros and cons of each, enabling you to make an informed buyer’s decision when purchasing your next hoop. It is important to note that what may be a “pro” to one reader, may very well be a “con” to another. For this reason, I have simply listed the performance characteristics of either hoop, allowing you to determine whether it’s a benefit or a drawback. First, let’s explore the definitions of nude hoops and taped hoops…

What is a nude hoop?

A nude hoop may also be referred to as a naked hoop or bare hoop. These are hula hoops that are not wrapped in tape, therefore displaying the original tubing type and color.  Taped hoops, on the other hand, are hula hoops that have been decorated with some form of wrapping (such as gaffer tape, holographic tape, ribbon, etc.).  If your curious which type is right for you, consider the performance qualities of each before making your decision. I have compiled a list of both to aid you in your research. Please note that these characteristics are relevant to both HDPE and PolyPro hoops.

So which hoop is right for me?


nude vs taped


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