Fire Hooping: Safety & Tips with Rainbow Michael

This is Fire Hooping 101 with Rainbow Michael of Cosmic Fire!  This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to start you fire hooping journey.  Included in this lesson is recommendations for:

  • fuel
  • necessary supplies
  • safety materials
  • acceptable clothing and fabric types
  • dipping procedure
  • fuel spin off
  • fuel conservation
  • performance showmanship
  • storage tips

I highly recommend watching this video (or one like it) before venturing out there with your first fire hoop. When you are first starting off with fire, it can be exciting and nerve-racking, wondering if you are doing everything right…utilize this tool to make your experience a safe one for both you and your on-lookers!

There are also several acceptable techniques for spinning off excess fuel, although I found this one particularly efficient and performance appropriate (provided you carry those baggies on you), mainly due to its conservation of fuel, and preservation of the environment you’re performing in.

There is one thing not mentioned in Michael’s tutorial: fuel can attendant! I’m sure as many of you have experienced, people love fire dancers…all types of people. Young people, drunk people, oblivious people…all of them could easily kick over your fuel can while craning to get a better look. This is both an extreme safety hazard and a total show-stopper. (You won’t be spinning long without fuel!) Do yourself a favor and post up a willing (or paid) volunteer to guard your fuel. That way you don’t have to police it while you’re amazing your audience!


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