Hula Hoop Tricks: “Knees to Waist Hooping”

Now, for the hula hoop trick you have all been waiting for…

So you know how to bring the hula hoop down to your knees and keep it there…now what?  Bring it back up!  NO hands! The prerequisite for this hoop move is the ability to sustain and control the hoop at the knees.  If you would like to refresh your knee hooping skills, check out yesterday’s tutorial by SaFire, where she describes the basics of knee hooping.

This is an intermediate hula hoop trick that takes a considerable amount of practice and muscle memory.  KaytiBunny is here to guide you through the motions, step by step. The movements happen very fast, so it may take your body a little while to learn them at such a rapid speed.  Be patient, take breaks, and remember that knees to waist hooping is not an easy move to learn! Be kind with yourself people. 🙂


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