Hula Hoop Dance Video: A Dance For Krishna

This hula hoop dance video is very special to me.  In 2013, I spent 6 months backpacking in South America.  I was in a tiny village in Bolivia when I met videographers Daniel Moreno and Paulina Plaza.  We met at a backpackers camp…and when the sun started setting, I brought my hoops out for a little practice sesh. I hooped for hours, lost in the magic of that Bolivian hillside. Daniel, Paulina, and our friend Lex passed the camera around.  When we parted ways, Daniel uploaded all of the raw hoop dance footage on to a flash drive for me.  Years later, I revisited those files and decided to put together this small tribute to our time in that camp together.  Enjoy the magic*~!

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♥ LindsiKay



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