4 Things Hoopers Say They Can’t (and Shouldn’t!) Leave Home Without

Let’s talk about all of those essentials. You know…those things hoopers say they can’t seem to leave home without…

#1: Music

Headphones, portable speaker, block rocker, iPhone…whatever it takes to keep that beat rolling. We Hoopers are always on the go…and always needing some background music for some spontaneous hooping! The subway, the campus quad, the airport…no place is too strange to see a Hooper busting a move.

multi#2: Too Many Hoops

We’ve all had that thought: “One hoop just won’t cut it.” Maybe I’ll want to switch up my flow…or maybe I’ll want to throw a twin hoop into the mix. I backpacked across South America for 6 months with no less than 4 hoops! (and a flow wand!), simply because I could not imagine my life with 3 hoops–let alone one–for months on end. So, long story short, you are not alone. 😉

#3: A Hoop-able Outfit

Choosing a “hoop-able outfit” will rely upon what type of Hooper you are. I’m sure you’ve all felt my pain when you want to spontaneously pick up your hoop for an impassioned jam, only to discover the unpleasant reality of your poorly thought-out skinny jeans or miniskirt.  After years spent training circus arts, hoop dance included, I have come to find it very difficult to dress in anything that I couldn’t spontaneously do the splits in, or foot-hoop in while upside down. My jeans haven’t been touched in years.  Anyone else experienced a dramatic shift in wardrobe since you picked up hooping?

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#4: Your Business Card

Ok, so maybe business cards aren’t as high of a priority for you as say, music and hoops. But guess what? They should be! You should always be prepared to offer your contact information to potential clients. Your first impression will be much stronger if you have a professional business card to hand them, rather than scribbling your number on a scrap piece of paper to hand to them in a pinch.

Did we forget something?

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