Hoopalicious takes a stand…with her Hula Hoops!

Anah Reichenbach, a.k.a. Hoopalicious is making a very bold (and very green) statement about hula hoop production.  She has decided to discontinue the use of hoop tapes on her Hoopalicious hula hoops!  She has been making hula hoops for 16 years and has decided to move past the tape-tradition in honor of her Eco-integrity.

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With all the currently available tubing colors, is bare-tubing the “new” taped hoop?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of taped hula hoops? Let’s explore…

Maybe you bought a hoop recently, or maybe you’ve considered it.  Did you think about your choice to tape it or not? HoopingSkill.com has identified several benefits of each:

Taped Hoops:

  • more grip (with gaffer)
  • sparkle & shine (with deco)
  • sunshine and stage-light pizazz
  • more added weight
  • unlimited options for customization

Bare Hoops:

  • can sand for increased grip
  • simplistic
  • eco-friendly
  • amazing new tubing colors available
  • lighter
  • more durable
  • more flexible

For more on this topic, see: Nude Hoops vs. Taped Hoops: The Pros and Cons

When it comes down to it, whether you decide to tape your hoop or not will boil down to your personal preference. Do you like more or less weight?  Is performance a factor for you? What is the environmental impact vs. professional benefit? The answer may be different for all of you, but these are all factors worth considering.  Thank you Hoopalicious for reminding us that we have a “greener” option!

HoopingSkill.com is curious how you feel about it…tape or no tape…that is the question! Comment your feelings below…

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