How to Shoulder Hoop

Shoulder hooping is a more advanced method of hula hooping that takes some time to master. It may be frustrating while trying to master this, but if you are patient and push through these tips below can help you master the shoulder hula hoop trick.


Hula Hoop


The first thing we need to address is the hoop itself. When you are first learning how to shoulder hoop, you will want to start with a really big hoop, preferably one that you can add grip tape too. The hoop should, when stood on it’s end, come up to the middle of your chest at it’s tallest point.




One of the most important things you can do when learning how to hula hoop on your shoulders is to make sure that you are standing properly. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, and you need to stand as straight as possible. If your shoulders are hunched, the hoop will not be able to spin straight. Stand in front of a mirror and try to make sure your posture is straight but relaxed enough to move smoothly. While watching in the mirror, try to move your shoulders in a circular motion, while being aware that your hips should stay mostly still and your arms should be very relaxed. This exercise can help you become more aware of how your upper body moves on it’s own.


Arm Powered Hooping


One way that you can master the shoulder hula hoop trick is by powering the hoop with your arms. Put the hula hoop up on your shoulders and give it a swing to get it started, then keep it going by swinging your arms in small, loose arcs as the contact point of the hoop passes over each shoulder. Keep your arms and hands relaxed; if you tense up, your arcs will turn angular, which can mess up the path of the hoop. When learning this method, it can be helpful to move around, but be sure that your feet remain shoulder length apart and that you step with each foot; stepping with one foot while the other remains stationary helps with some hooping, but with this method it is more helpful to be sure your body remains as symmetrical as possible, even in your steps.


Chest Powered Hooping


Another move that you can try for the shoulder hula hoop trick is to power the hoop’s movement with your chest instead of your arms. Instead of rotating your arms, after you push the hoop into it’s rotation, push into the hoop with your chest. You can push back a bit with your back as well, but most people tend to push too hard with their back, so try to focus on your chest. If you find the hoop traveling up to our neck, be sure that your shoulders are staying straight; any shrugging motions can move the hoop up to you neck, and rotating the hoop too slow can make the hoop drop too low. Maintaining the right tempo will keep your hoop up on your shoulders where it should be.

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