Hula Hoop Tricks: “Knee Hooping Introduction”

In this quick tutorial, you will begin to explore the basics of knee hooping!  SaFire breaks down the concept of having a “support” and a “pusher” leg, and explains the different movements that will keep that hoop spinning.  She demonstrates this hoop trick in both directions (or “currents” as we hoopers like to call them), making it easy to grasp for both lefty and righty hoopers!

This is just the beginning when it comes to knee hooping, and it can take a significant amount of time to achieve this foundation.  If you are struggling, avoid becoming frustrated with yourself and take a break from that particular trick instead.  Return to it later…or tomorrow, for a fresh perspective.  Knee hooping is all about muscle memory and timing.  Eventually you will reach the point where you can keep it spinning without thinking about it!  But what comes easy to the person next to you might take you months to get comfortable with.  That’s okay! Our bodies are different and we all speak our own language with the hoop.  Just be patient and remember: Eventually, you WILL get this. Repetition and practice is the key.

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