Hula Hoop Tricks: “Rainbow Toss to One-Handed Mandala”

This off body mandala hoop trick is great for beginner-intermediate hoopers who want to start integrating tosses and isolations into their flow.  Prerequisites for this is a simple rainbow toss, and the ability to turn 360 degrees while hooping vertically on the hand.  Put the two together and BAM, you have a Rainbow Toss to a One-Handed Mandala!  When you get it down, it looks smooth and impressive with all the body movement you get to incorporate into this short flow.  This tutorial is taught by Deanne Love.

P.S. Any other USA people think it’s just adorable how she pronounces “Mandala”?!  Awww…accents are lovely! Go try this mandala hoop trick, you will love it!



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