How to Knee Hoop

Knee hooping, which is rotating the hula hoop around the knees, is a common beginner hula hoop trick that almost anyone can learn with a little time and effort. Below are a few of the techniques you may want to try when learning to knee hoop.


Single Leg Rotation


One way you can knee hoop is by rotating one leg while the other stays still. Push both legs as close together as possible, then choose which leg you would like to rotate and practice rotating it in a circle. Be sure to keep your toes on the ground and keep the rotating leg as close to the stationary leg as possible. Remember that the direction you rotate your leg is the direction the hula hoop will rotate. Once you feel comfortable with the motion, put the hula hoop around your knees and give it a push to get it started, being sure to keep it level. You may wish to try this technique trying both legs to see which version of this hula hoop trick works best for you.


Both Knees


In this technique of the knee hooping hula hoop trick, you will move both knees instead of just one. You will need to keep your legs pressed tightly together, and practice the motion of rhythmically bending your knees slightly, pushing the knees forward and back. Once you feel like you have a good rhythm, add the hula hoop and give it a swing to get it started. Another way to use both knees is in a ‘walking’ motion. This way requires the most practice, but it also gives you the most freedom to move around after you have mastered it. The motion you will be aiming for is similar to when you bent both knees, but you will do them separately instead of with them pressed tightly together. This results in a motion somewhat similar to walking once you get good enough to move your feet while you do it.




In some cases, you may be more comfortable doing a combination of the above two methods to learn this hula hoop trick. For this method, you will bend both knees slightly in rhythm, but one knee will move more than the other in a more circular pattern. If you cannot decide which of the above methods works best for you, you may need to try the hybrid of the two techniques. Some people find this one works best if you are incorporating the move into a hula hoop dance routine that will require you to turn around.


Gradual Lowering


Another method that experienced hula hoopers suggest is starting with waist hooping, which is the first method most people learn, and making minor shifts in your body until it starts to lower down to your thighs, and eventually down to your knees. This is most easily done with a larger hula hoop. This method can help you discern which motion (between the single knees and both knees) feels most natural to you in order to accomplish this hula hoop trick.

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