Hula Hoop Tricks: “Revolving Shoulder Roll”

This is hard! Just warning you…

Aubrey shows what you can do with some solid single-shoulder hooping ability in this advanced hooping tutorial.  This tutorial does not break down the foundational concepts of one-shoulder hooping, nor does it discuss vertical hooping. It assumes you already know how to do that…BUT if you DON’T…check out this One-Shoulder Hooping tutorial here. Once you have that down, you can return here to learn the shoulder-chest-shoulder-back sequence demonstrated in this video.  Make no mistake…this trick is very difficult and may take awhile to grasp.

If you nail it, let us know! Comment below!

Also, if you’re just not that excited about shoulder hooping yet and you want some badass inspiration, check this out!  Sphongledhoops gets wEiRd in the woods!

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