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Welcome to HoopingSkill.com! You want to have the insider scoop on CODS 2014 Performancethe latest hoop tricks and inspiration from hoopers around the world? Well, you’re in the right place. We will be sharing hula hooping tips, tricks, performance, tutorials, videos, photos, motivation , inspiration, and general CIRCUS FUN with everyone who drops in.  While this blog will cater largely to the hula hooping community, we are more than familiar with the fact that many hoopers are multifaceted, and possess interest and ability with multiple flow arts.  It is for this reason that HoopingSkill.com will occasionally throw you some cross-training circus arts knowledge, specifically for you circus fanatics that want it all! Comments, suggestions, and potential content submissions are always welcome.  Please reference the “Contact” page for more specifics. IF you are a fellow hoop dance artist, please feel free to send me links that you feel may benefit the HoopingSkill.com audience. I will consider all content submissions. And MOST importantly, share this valuable circus education resource with others in your community so that they may benefit from all it has to offer.  Happy hooping and…

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