Hula Hoop Tricks: “Escalator Variations”

This tutorial is made for everyone! It includes several variations for the Escalator hoop trick.  If you are a beginner, focus on the first few…if you are experienced, check out some of the more complex techniques for your flow.  This is an excellent hoop lesson by Jo Mondy from Brighton, England.  Following is a breakdown of the various types of Escalators discussed in this tutorial.

  • One Handed 0:04
  • Continuous  0:47
  • Classic Escalator  1:41
  • Escalator Pose  2:33
  • Escalator Jump Through  3:10
  • Reverse Escalator  3:42
  • Z Spin and Elbow Fold Variation  4:36
  • Antispin  5:15
  • Finding Your Flow  5:54

Enjoy your escalator variations!

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