Hula Hoop Tricks: “One Knee Hooping”

It’s knee weekend!  On Friday we featured an Introduction to Knee Hooping with Safire, on Saturday we showed you KaytiBunny‘s tutorial on Knees to Waist Hooping, and today you get to learn how to hoop on one knee!  This is an intermediate to advanced move that requires a fairly solid understanding of basic knee hooping.  If you are not yet comfortable with sustaining the hoop at your knees, or are unable to switch between “pusher” legs, I recommend reviewing the previously mentioned tutorials, especially the Introduction to Knee Hooping.

This tutorial comes to us from Katie Sunshine, and there are many places you can go with this one knee hooping move.  This is where the dancer in you will emerge.  This trick requires balance, strength, core awareness, and controlled movement.  Once you get it, you’ll never want to put that other knee back in!




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