Barefoot Shoes: How to tie Huaraches for hula hoopers!

Hula Hooping in Barefoot Shoes: How to Tie Them!

In my world, hooping barefoot is ideal.  Maximum contact and connection with the ground provides stability and fluidity.  But eventually you’ll find yourself dancing on something just not suitable for your bare skin. When this happens, turn to a shoe that pretends it’s barfoot zeronot there, while allowing you to forget it’s there too.  Introducing Huaraches by Zero Shoe.  They are about the closest thing I’ve found to barefoot (even the Vibrams have a lot of skin cover), and they are 100% customizable.  They are made custom to fit your feet, and they even sell a DIY kit so that you can make them yourself!

Meet Rosie Bloom.  This Pennsylvanian hooper has created a method of tying her Huaraches that allows for your unobstructed hula hooping pleasure! Below is a tutorial for her method. To shop for Huaraches, visit the Zero Shoes website here.


Rosey has been hooping in Mansfield, PA for almost 4 years. She is a self confessed hula hoop hoarder and fanatic, obsessed with spreading the hoop love all around her.  She recently founded the Mansfield University Hula Hoop Club, and opened an Etsy shop called Flow and Fauna.  Her shop offers hooping apparel, concept hoops, beginner hoops, and polypros.

Do you have your own unique way of tying your Huaraches to share?  Comment it below! To see a list of other hula hooper-recommeded sandals, refer to “The Quest for the Perfect Hooping Sandal”.


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