Hula Hoop Tricks: “1.5 Beat Weave”

So you may know the 2 Beat Weave already…and you may even know the 3 Beat Weavebut do you know the 1.5 Beat Weave?!  I actually learned this hula hoop trick from Michelle at HoopCamp a few years back, so when I found this review she published, I had to share it with you all! This hoop trick is actually super simple, and should feel easy compared to the complexity of the 3-Beat. Michelle Hazzard breaks down the movement and then shares several different slow motion angles with you, in case you need a little extra visual support. Enjoy!

Another Awesome Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial from Michelle Hazzard:

Hula Hoop Tricks: “Behind the Back: 2 Beat & 3 Beat Weave”


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